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Choose Wisely - don't disappear without a trace

Print is not dead. Your message on the right paper will leave not just a lasting impression but the right impression. Your choice of paper will tell your reader what you need them to know. Whether you want to convey class, strength, cool or fun, the right paper wil lift your message to a higher ground and foremost show your reader that you know how to make an impact.

Don’t disappear without a trace was printed in PMS on 400 g Fuego Stone, Stone Grey and finished off with silver hot foil. It evokes the image of Zorro, an unexpected, strong yet silent force.

Kris Demey/ Paardekracht about his design:

“Fuego Stone comes in three shades ranging from warm grey to the deepest black. These shades evoked the image of Zorro with me. Zorro shows up unexpectedly and without a sound, does what he needs to do and leaves but never without a trace: his signature ‘Z’.
Paper also is a silent yet strong part of any graphic design, the right paper and finishing technique will lift up any design to new grounds.
For this design I chose to add black ink to Stone Grey, a warm light grey hue, to achieve a positive/negative effect in the tekst. The silver foil is a surprise, you won’t see it until you unfold the mailing and only when assembled into the background card will it reveal it’s signature, surprising and hidden in plain sight, just like Zorro.”

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Name project: Choose Wisely - Dont disappear without a trace
Author: Papyrus
Creation: Paardekracht
Paper quality: Fuego Stone - Stone Grey 400g
Realisation project: 2017-01-04
Printer: Captains of Printing
Copyright photos: Rien En Vue - Tom Swijns for Papyrus
Number produced/impression: 1000