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Choose Wisely - show Character

Houdbaar tells us about their design:
A succesful design speaks to people, has character. Paper doesn’t just work as a background for your story,  it is in itself an essential part of the story you tell.

The last design in the  “Choose Wisely” series makes a statement about the personality you pour into your work. As a designer, you have your own unique voice. Just as important, you strive to tell your clients story in an original manner. Paper can help you bring your message across and enhance it. For this mailing we chose to photograph a fellow designer and show both his serious and his funny side. The photos only look richer on the beautiful texture of the Multidesign paper. The back of the card is printed in Pantone. The embossing accentuates the message.

Insert a little humor or keep it serious, but always have fun with !


Name project: Choose Wisely - Show Character
Creation: Houdbaar
Paper quality: MultiDesign White 400g
Realisation project: 2016-12-14
Printer: L. Capitan
Copyright photos: Rien en Vue voor Papyrus
Number produced/impression: 1000