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Anders 5

To see, hear, feel, smell... To be alive !

The issue is based on a vinyl record, combines special folding techniques with distinctive paper qualities and includes even a paper speaker for your iPhone.

You can also, literally, sniff up the art and create stuff for at home with the inspiration box. Also in this inspirational issue: examples of mailings showing off different possibilities.

It feels good to be different!

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Text: Het mooie woorden atelier 


Name project: Anders 5
Author: Het mooie woorden atelier, Annemarie Kleve, Peter Bos, Camilla Oostewechel
Creation: Houdbaar - Peter Bos
Paper quality: LP cover: Körsnas Artisan 275 g/m² - Cover: FocusArt 200 g/m² - Inside: Luxosatin 170g/m² , Gmund Tactile creme 170g/m², FocusArt 115g/m²
Printer: Ipskamps Drukkers B.V. - Enschede
(Book)binder: Patist
Number produced/impression: 1.000