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Desk Calendar L. Capitan


The briefing: Creat an L. Capitan desk calendar as a customer and prospect gift that is so simply beatiful that you would love to leave it on your desk for an entire year.
Result: A clearly set and practical desk calendar. The calendar is constructed by gluing 11 separate leafs, Fuego stone, Stone Grey 320g, together , creating an overview per two months including week numbers and an annual overview 2018 and 2019. The cover, Fuego Stone, Coal Black 400g, has a typographic '18' puchcut for an interesting yet clean visual effect.

Name project: Desk Calendar l. Capitan
Creation: Like Mouton
Paper quality: Fuego Stone - Stone Grey 320g - Coal Black 400g
Realisation project: 2017-12-01
Printer: L. Capitan
Number produced/impression: 1300