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Name project: FOOT-NOTE
Creation: Jef Maes
Paper quality: Gmund Colors Matt & Gmund Urban Cement
Printer: Raf De Laet
(Book)binder: Christel Caspermans

Perfectly printed

GMUND AWARD 2018 goes to this Belgian project FOOT-NOTE.
Last November, the first FOOT-NOTE project created by Raf De Laet (Drukkerij Dirix), Jef Maes (SMLXL Paper Concepts) and Christel Caspermans (CeeCee) won the Gmund Award 2018. They competed against a wide range of international nominees in the category 'private' but the FOOT-NOTE notebook convinced the judges with its distinctive design.

Craftmanship with passion

While creating the FOOT-NOTE project, Raf, Jef and Christel let their passion for design, paper, printing techniques and bookbinding run wild. "We started off with a white piece of paper... countless hours after we ended our session with what we thought to be the most perfect white piece of paper in the most beautiful notebook we as paper geeks, craftsmen and creative minds could wish to imagine, design and make."

FOOT-NOTE is completely folded and bonded by hand by Christel. In the penultimate section there is a fold-out consisting of a letterpress-card displaying the striking Chinese saying: The palest ink is better that the best memory. In the middle there is a laser cut bookmark. The notebook itself fits perfectly into the luxurious gift box which has been engraved by laser technique and the black sleeve, which protects the package.

FOOT-NOTE can be bought in two different covers: Gmund Urban Cement Grey and Gmund Urban Cement Powder. It is no coincidence both covers fit together perfectly so the illustration continues seamlessly.

Collector's item

The limited edition of two times 77 numbered copies renders the first FOOT-NOTE noteboo the status of a collector's item. It is perfect for all paper, design, printing techniques and bookbinding enthusiasts, or fot those who simply love resolute and timeless beauty.

sleeve: Gmund Colors Matt 10 - 400g - laser cutting
inlay box: Gmund Colors Matt 10 - 400g - laser cutting

cover A: Gmund Urban Cement Powder - 250g - hot foil
cover B: Gmund Urban Cement Grey - 310g - hot foil

wrap: Gmund Colors Transparant 50 - 200g - laser engraving

endpapers: Gmund Colors Matt 10 - 200g
writing paper: Gmund Original Tactile Creme - 120g

center fold: Gmund Colors Matt 93 - 120g

bookmark: Gmund Urban Cement Powder - 250g +
Cement Grey - 310g - hot foil + laser cutting

card: Gmund Cotton New Grey - 600g - letterpress + hot foil

pencil: Graf von Faber-Castell
brown Californian cedar wood-cased superfine pencil with silver-plated end cap

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