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Name project: Launch of clothing line Beautynezz X NIK&NIK
Author: NP Fashion B.V.
Creation: Blomsma PrintMedia
Paper quality: Fuego Stone Black
Printer: Blomsma PrintMedia
Number produced/impression: 200 per item
The 16-year-old vlogster Joy Beautynezz designed her own clothing line for the youth label Nik&Nik. The launch took place in the lagest game hall in the Netherlands, Gamestate in Utrecht in October 2018.

Blomsma PrintMedia has completely taken care of the decoration of the event: the game machines and food trucks have been labeled with the theme of the event. They also took care of the printing of items such as milkshake cups, chip trays, popcorn trays, champagne glasses, invitations, gift cards and much more. The brand identity colors black and white have been implemented in all communication items. The paper choice was Fuego Stone Black. A Solid black paper with good folding properties and a high tactile feel. The Fuego Stone is black through and through so there are no white edges when folding and cutting . Fuego Stone Black is easy to print in white ink on digital toner machines.

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