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Our paper consultants want to keep you up to date. It's by blogging that they will give you insights into their days, tips on papers or printing techniques, post interviews with designers, and also, simply, send photos of their work and selfies...

If there is one topic in particular that interests you, do not hesitate to tell us. Our paper consultants will be happy to write a blog post that will help you!

Papyrus desk calendar 2016

Our 2016 calendar has a special theme, all through the last year, we have published beautiful projects, creative masterpieces, printed on Papyrus paper, on the Papyrus Gallery. With this calendar they can now also be on your desk to inspire you throughout the day. Get in touch with your Papyrus contact person to receive a copy.

Papyrus @Integratedconf15
Integrated 2015


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Thursday, 23 March 2023

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