More than 100 guests were present for the official opening of the ‘Grafisch Kabinet’ in Arnhem. From now on, Grafisch Kabinet aims to be a meeting place for (graphic) designers, suppliers and a feeding ground for creativity.

 The festive opening of the Grafisch Kabinet, at the Oude Kraan 72 in Arnhem, made clear that this industry is open to collaborations. Suppliers and graphical companies worked together to create a space filled to the brim with graphical highlights to show the audience that print has more options to offer then usually seen by the public.

Theo Basten from Rikken Print and Paul van Osch, Kilsdonk Packaging & Presentation, referred to all activities to be enjoyed at the Grafisch Kabinet. Their respective companies will organise, starting September, lectures and the space will become an inspirational meeting area where clients and graphical companies will meet and find one another in synergy.


Grafisch kabinet