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More than ever, professionals, such as yourselves, art directors, marketeers or production managers in charge of creating a company profile are looking for distinctive and unique paper qualities to match and communicate the identities you are branding. These quality papers are a reflection of the company’s core identity and help distinguish it from the next one.

We, at Papyrus; we know our paper. Our expert consultants offer ideas, tips, inspiration and even personalised paper creations. After all, image is everything.


Take a look at our gallery and be inspired by the high quality, creative projects on Papyrus papers.

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Print is not dead. Your message on the right paper will leave not just a lasting impression, but the right impression. Your choice of paper will tell your reader what you need them. Whether you want to convey class, strenght, cool or fun, the right paper wil lift your message to a higher ground and foremost show your reader that you know how to make an impact.

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