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Enjoy and let yourself be taken by surprise by the events we selected for you.

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creative ville

Recharging creatives with fresh ideas,that's the baseline of creative ville 2019. This village organised by FLANDERS DC for the creative community is meant to inspire every bit of creativity. 

TM Belgium

TM BE is the event that gathers Belgian communicators and marketeers that dared to push their boundaries and moved abroad. These innovators will share their thinking and experience in SILO (a former brewery) on 7 November 2019. Click here for a detailed list of the guest speakers.


The first exhibition in Belgium of the work of the Polish-English artist couple Stefan (1910–1988) and Franciszka (1907–1988) Themerson. An unique writer-philosopher duo that published and illustrated books and made experimental short films. Don't miss out: The Themersons on paper, on screen, on stage.


The annual Book Fair of Antwerp goes to her own island called: "Het eilandje". Surprisingly not, this years theme is: "I'm on the boat". Because both worlds bring the reader and the sailor in unknown horizons, new cultures and a lot of stories.


This year again Gmund is holding their UNFOLDED Festival where all kind of creative people, but most of all paper fans will come together. 400 printed objects on Gmund paper have been selected to compete for the famous Gmund Award. In addition to this, 50 international exhibitors from the design, printing and branding industries will present their work.

DDW. Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is a yearly event that reunites 2600 designers with more than 350,000 visitors. Exhibitions, lectures, debates are given all over the beautiful city of Eindhoven or more than 110 locations. This DDW edition guests are Stefano Boeri (Architetti), Alice Rawsthorn, Jalila Essaïdi, Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauto (Studio Drift).

19 - 27.



Speakers from the creative sector that are sharing their work experience. This year in Brussels Tom Schamp (Illustration), Studio Studio (Graphic Design) and Sébastien Sanfilippo (Type/Packaging/Graphic Design) will be on the spot. 


Innovation, technology and the right mindset in a print industry that has been challenged for a decade now. These three factors are not that easy to implement in the daily routine. That's the reason why vigc invited for their fifth edition experts on the matter to inspire all the participants. 

Us by Night

During three nights, this unique nocturnal venue in Antwerp will gather all kind of art and art person. The lineup spread over four stages is as diversed as you can imagine. As they say: "Go for the talks and stay for the experience".


Paper is a material with a wide range of possibilities. Sculptures, animations, fantasy worlds and jewellery. This year, CODA focuses on modern paper and cardboard art made especially for this occasion from 39 Dutch and international artists.

10.06 - 27.10.2019

CODA Museum

SPACES. Interior design evolutions

The design of our interiors reflects a way of life and of consumption. It is the witness of the great social upheavals and the technological progress of our civilization. From the ostentative decoration of the 19th century to the open and minimalist spaces of contemporary apartments, the exhibition "SPACES. Interior design evolutions" shows the evolution of interiors and their furnishings.

29.05 - 03.11.2019

Brussels Design Museum

IN-possible. Before an idea is brought to life

The exhibition IN-possible. Before an idea is brought to life describes the work behind an industrial design product. A design object is the result of a complex combination of factors, where higher, cultural and social issues are linked to practical, concrete and financial issues. The meeting between the designer and the company is a key moment in the process.

21.06 - 13.10.2019

Brussels Design Museum

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