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Name project: Airfield
Author: Mr Mrs Schiltz
Creation: Claire Dewasmes
Paper quality: Gmund Wood & Gmund Leather
Printer: Hengen
Number produced/impression: 150 copies
Located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Airfield restaurant is a former hunting lodge that has been serving guests with quality traditional cuisine since 1947. Following a change of ownership, h2a, the agency of communication situated in Luxembourg, realized all the new media such as business cards, the menu, and the drinks menu. Their inspiration for this work is the scripting of the establishment, which is raw and warm at the same time - leather-covered tables, concrete walls and exposed burned wood beams.

In order to enhance the coherence of the place, the Gmund Wood and Gmund Leather range was used for the different menus. h2a was fortunate to have access to the archives of the owners to bring these documents to life, with authentic photographs of the nights that marked the place. The supports merge with the place and are graphically punctuated with pictures and writings, collected from the golden books.
A universe that has made us hungry.

Nominated Gmund Award 2018 - Category Business Stationery

Visit card: Gmund Wood Chacate Veneer 300g - Pantone metallic silver print 877
Cocktail menu: Gmund Wood Chacate Veneer 300g - Pantone metallic silver print 877
Menu Card: Gmund Leather Color Coal 300g - Pantone metallic silver print 877 verso
Menu of the day: Gmund Matt 93 - CMYK printing

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