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Name project: Loopuyt
Author: Loopuyt & Co Ditillers
Creation: Milc ; Studio Makkink & Bey
Paper quality: Gmund Beer Paper
Copyright photos: Milc

Loopuyt & Co. Distillers is a Schiedams gin and gin brand, founded in 1772. After the Netherlands, Loopuyt wants to conquer the gin hearts in Europe - and the rest of the world - with its Super Premium Dry Gin, matching own lemonades and their great events such as Loopuyt's Fight Club and the secret Speakeasy bar.

For this purpose milc designed a luxury brochure in the autumn of 2017. They also wrote new texts for this. Matching the young and raw character of Loopuyt, and the design of the exclusive ginbox made by Studio Makkink & Bey. In addition to the large brochure, they previously made a small book for the ginbox gift set, for sales in liquor stores. The booklet was published in 5 languages and incorporates two types of paper: a semi-mat MC and un uncoated paper.
Gmund Beer Paper is the star of the show as the cover for the brochure in this promobox for Loopuyt Gin. The designers specifically selected it for its strong softness and how the speckles give the brochure a unique slightly rebellious look. It perfectly complements the white and yellow silk screen relief print. The whole is bound with a double cahier stitch of beautiful yellow thread.

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