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Gallery Projects

On this page you will find unique and beautifully realized projects on high quality Papyrus papers made by designers. 
Are you proud of a project you've done on Papyrus paper? Share your project with us!


Brussels Philharmonic

The Brussels Philharmonic program 2019-2020 with a soft cover touch carboard cover, but above all, MultiDesign® Original White inside pages is music for the hands and the eyes.

Name project: Brussels Philharmonic Program '19-'20
Author: Brussels Philharmonic
Creation: Liesbet Lutin
Paper quality: Cover: sulphate cardboard 240g, Inside pages: MultiDesign® Original 115g
Printer: Graphius
Copyright photos: Greg Smolders
(Book)binder: Graphius
Number produced/impression: 6300

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