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Gallery Projects

On this page you will find unique and beautifully realized projects on high quality Papyrus papers made by designers. 
Are you proud of a project you've done on Papyrus paper? Share your project with us!


Longchamp Men S/S 2016 Press file

En Tandem, the Paris design studio behind this press file believes that paper is and should always be seen as an integrated part of the design. This approach has lead to many great and unique creations.

For the Longchamp Men's S/S 2016 press file they opted for Gmund 2/200, this paper allows for choices on the texture, colour and weight to create an almost personalized paper, which is here used as an exceptional cover adorned with a hot foil stamp.


Name project: Longchamp Men S/S 2016 Press file
Author: En Tandem
Creation: En Tandem
Paper quality: Gmund 2/200
Printer: Sopedi
(Book)binder: Richard

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