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Gallery Projects

On this page you will find unique and beautifully realized projects on high quality Papyrus papers made by designers. 
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Nemir - Tatjana Gerhard

A book for artists, part of the 'Posture Editions' series and a collaboration with the Dhondt-Daenens Museum.

The choice was made to print a selection of Gerhards paintings in black and white on coloured paper and thus direct the gaze of the observer to show them something more than just the explosion of colours so typical for her paintings. With use of the colours comes the rendition of a story in which the close-ups of the faces (on green)  followed by the writhing bodies (on pink) reach to a climax
The bilingual text has as well been printed on the coloured paper to douple the enstrangement process, 'wrapped' by true to colour reproductions on white paper.

Name project: Nemir - tatjana Gerhard
Creation: Katrien Daemers, Gestalte (designer) — Tatjana Gerhard (artist)
Paper quality: Rainbow pink 120g - Rainbow medium green 120g
Printer: Die Keure
Number produced/impression: 600

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