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Gallery Projects

On this page you will find unique and beautifully realized projects on high quality Papyrus papers made by designers. 
Are you proud of a project you've done on Papyrus paper? Share your project with us!



The choice of this paper lies on the effect of the green edge they wanted to obtain. They needed a paper that was thick enough, but also represents the materials that are used by one of their clients.

INK Letterpress is a Graphic Design Studio, with "Love of Paper" that turns all kind of treasured messages into reality surrounded by old machines which involve shapes, ink and of course PAPER.

Name project: Eska®board Business cards
Author: INK Letterpress
Creation: INK Letterpress
Paper quality: Eska®board
Printer: INK Leterpress
Copyright photos: Papyrus
Number produced/impression: 400

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