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On this page you will find unique and beautifully realized projects on high quality Papyrus papers made by designers. 
Are you proud of a project you've done on Papyrus paper? Share your project with us!


RESPECT - Vallen en weer opstaan

RESPECT - Vallen en weer opstaan
(falling and getting back up)
RESPECT is a collection of stories and people and their journeys of falling down and getting back up again. 
It tells the stories of women and men that have been injured, both physical and mentally. They all have in common that their lives will never be the same again, they have all sacrificed a part of their live in service of peace. A big sacrifice that deserves the greatest RESPECT.

Name project: RESPECT - Vallen en weer opstaan
Author: Johan Bergsma with assistance of Ilse De Boer IDB communicatie
Creation: Edwin Sonneveld (designer) - Annemarie Kleve (Project coordination)
Paper quality: G-Print 170g
Printer: Drukkerij Roelofs, Enschede
Number produced/impression: 1000 pieces preordered, second print ready to go

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