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Name project: BORGERHUB

This old Belgian justice court building, located on the Tunhoutesebaan 92 in Borgerhout (Antwerp) has been recently transformed into a creative hub for all-men kind of entrepreneurs. The purpose is to attract and unite multicultural artists with their self-made products. The hirings prices are affordable for everyone who has a project in his mind.

The current hosts are:

  • 10 voor twaalf;
  • Ann;
  • Atelier Felis;
  • bar+,
  • Chris Bajot;
  • Christel;
  • Clara en Chris;
  • Cork Essentials;
  • Fabrik confituur;
  • Femimain;
  • Hari ito;
  • Mafalda;
  • Lapland;
  • Lil' Papoe;
  • Lite-A-Site;
  • Marie Pierre;
  • Noah and Sisi;
  • Packmatters;
  • Studio Moesj;
  • The Vandal.

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