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Name project: Sleeves Saint-Nicholas Elisabeth Chocolatier
Author: Wilderzicht
Paper quality: Natural Evolution Ivory 280g
Printer: Puntgraaf
Number produced/impression: 6000

This story begins in 2013, when Mireille Misseghers, originally from Oostende and law graduated decided to take over her first boutique from her former employer Temmerman Confisserie. Since then, she travels in Belgium to find the holy grail of Belgian artisanal products like Danny's Zwevezeelse florentinnes, Francis meringues, Frederic Blondeels trufles and Hans melo-cakes. All these heavenly sweets deserve to be dressed in unique packagings that are as beautiful as the taste of these chocolate bonbons.

Our client puntgraaf chose to use Natural Evolution Ivory 280g for the Saint-Nicholas sleeves of Elisabeth Chocolatier. They chose this paper quality for the warm color and the ideal partner for embossing. The main objective was to make the chocolate boxes more appealing. 

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