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Papyrus Recytal Matt

Papyrus Recytal Matt

The Benelux sample of the month printed on the newest recycled paper quality Papyrus Recytal Matt 240g/m2 is on its way to our Benelux clients! This quality will only be available in the Benelux or Papyrus Belgium and the Netherlands. More information about this quality can be found on the following pages:


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Papyrus European #staypositive #staycreative campaign

Papyrus European #staypositive #staycreative campaign

It's been a while since we've posted some news, not that there isn't enough of it these days. We all have to "stay safe at home" and however the time flies, it's becoming long. But the first sunrays are reaching us, the flowers and tree blossoms brings us the spring, the Easter holidays are coming soon and a paper egg cover activity to pep up your eggs.

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Second workshop ‘Druk met Papier’ @ De Bink

Thursday 13 October 2016; An enthusiastic audience, a mix of old hands in the printing business, publishers, new designers, paper buyers and printing supervisors, attended the second workshop ‘Druk met papier’ (Preoccupied with paper) by De Bink in Leiden.


The workshop discussed the different basic paper qualities and digital and offset printing techniques as well as foil printing. The goal of the workshop was to make clear that the authenticity of paper and the printing techniques have an influence on your image.

Marco van de Krogt from De Bink and Trudie Brandse from Papyrus Nederland have addressed several questions with the use of tangible examples during the session:
How to decide on coated or uncoated paper?
What difference does it make on your design to use a special paper?
How to decide whether to print digital or to print in offset?
How do papers or printing techniques affect the design and the message?

The workshop confirmed that print media is distinctive from online marketing and is more striking through its tangible nature and has more reads.
The session ended with a tour of the printer and a view of all printing techniques.


DeBink Druk met Papier




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