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Papyrus European #staypositive #staycreative campaign

Papyrus European #staypositive #staycreative campaign

It's been a while since we've posted some news, not that there isn't enough of it these days. We all have to "stay safe at home" and however the time flies, it's becoming long. But the first sunrays are reaching us, the flowers and tree blossoms brings us the spring, the Easter holidays are coming soon and a paper egg cover activity to pep up your eggs.

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Choose Wisely Paperbook in Novum

Choose Wisely Paperbook in Novum

Our Choose Wisely Paperbook made in collaboration with Houdbaar had its own page,
"Eintauchen, fühlen und staunen or Dive in, feel and amaze" by Bettina Schulz, in the November edition of the worldwide well-known Novum magazine.

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Recycling is part of the game. Here are the rules

Recycling is serious business but that doesn't mean we can't make fun stuff!
We have developed a Gamepad, printed on Balance® and Cyclus papers. In the Gamepad you will find pages and pages of your favourite (childhood) games for days of nostalgia and giggles.

Don't quite remember how to play these games? You can download the rules of the games here:

Jeu de Baccalaureat

Bataille navale

Backgamon NL
Backgamon FR

Petit chevaux

Jeu du moulin

Jeu de dames





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