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Choose your SAMPLE wisely

Choose your SAMPLE wisely

Our sample printed on Distinction® Smooth is on his way to bark, but don't be afraid! Just open it!

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First handing over of Choose Wisely Paperbook

First handing over of Choose Wisely Paperbook

Sofie Jacobs, one of our Papyrus Paper Consultants handed over our Choose Wisely Paperbook to Jef Maes from Studio A-D and Raf De Laet from Drukkerij Dirix. These two well-known paper lovers are sharing this moment.

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Recycling is part of the game. Here are the rules

Recycling is serious business but that doesn't mean we can't make fun stuff!
We have developed a Gamepad, printed on Balance® and Cyclus papers. In the Gamepad you will find pages and pages of your favourite (childhood) games for days of nostalgia and giggles.

Don't quite remember how to play these games? You can download the rules of the games here:

Jeu de Baccalaureat

Bataille navale

Backgamon NL
Backgamon FR

Petit chevaux

Jeu du moulin

Jeu de dames





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