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Papyrus Paper Consultant @Drukkerij RAD

Papyrus Paper Consultant @Drukkerij RAD

Last week our Papyrus Paper Consultant Trudie Brandse gave a workshop at Drukkerij RAD in Dordrecht about the right choice of paper through our Choose Wisely Paperbook. Designers and all kind of Heidelbergs were gathered to bring these two worlds together with a common message: "Paper, inkt and artists to impress". These three elements are the key to each successfull communication.

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Choose your SAMPLE wisely

Choose your SAMPLE wisely

Our sample printed on Majestic® Classic, Gold Fever, 290 g/m2 is on his way to bark, but don't be afraid! Just open it!

  • Card: Majestic® Classic, Gold Fever, 290 g/m2.150x210.
  • Envelop: Distinction® Smooth, Ultima White, 320 g/m2,162x229.
  • Finition technique: embossed lion.

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Papyrus @ Gmund am Tegernsee

Our Papyrus paper consultants, Trudie Brandse and Sofie Jacobs, invited 10 designers from the Netherlands and Belgium for a two-day trip to the Gmund Paper Mill to get inspired.

Kathrin Stuckenberger guided us through an inspiring and interactive "journey through the production process".  
All participants were impressed by the-Gmund Color System production process on the paper machine. They also got to live witness the embossing procedure for Gmund Wood.

It was an inspiring, educational and fun trip. Thank you Gmund!

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