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Papyrus Recytal Matt

Papyrus Recytal Matt

The Benelux sample of the month printed on the newest recycled paper quality Papyrus Recytal Matt 240g/m2 is on its way to our Benelux clients! This quality will only be available in the Benelux or Papyrus Belgium and the Netherlands. More information about this quality can be found on the following pages:


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Papyrus European #staypositive #staycreative campaign

Papyrus European #staypositive #staycreative campaign

It's been a while since we've posted some news, not that there isn't enough of it these days. We all have to "stay safe at home" and however the time flies, it's becoming long. But the first sunrays are reaching us, the flowers and tree blossoms brings us the spring, the Easter holidays are coming soon and a paper egg cover activity to pep up your eggs.

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Choose Wisely Paperbook in Novum

Our Choose Wisely Paperbook made in collaboration with Houdbaar had its own page,
"Eintauchen, fühlen und staunen or Dive in, feel and amaze" by Bettina Schulz, in the November edition of the worldwide well-known Novum magazine.

How difficult this last decennia has been for Paper manufacturers and resellers, trying to surprise clients by exceptional sample books that are produced in mass these days, with the "The Love of Paper – Choose Wisely" made by the Dutch studio Houdbaar for the Papyrus Group,
it's a master piece that immerse you in the Paper World...

The creative team had to cope with a number of conceptual challenges: 

"The sample book should be a link to online communication and a practical tool. That's why the book has been divided in two parts with 25 paper qualities. The basis is a "desktop" look book, while the smallest "swatch book" has been tailored for the Papyrus collection box, says Peter Bos from Houdbaar.

The brand tag "Choose Wisely" is of course not a choice based on good luck, but a value of Papyrus that "Paper is much more than a carrier, it's an essential part of communication". In order to spread the word, different finishing and print techniques were used, but also design projects put on the online Papyrus Group Gallery. These projects, articles, etc. aren't only examples of techniques but an inspiration source and an emotional translation of what makes Paper as material unique.

This paperbook is a communication and techniques tool, resulting from a long process of testing and printing. Since not all paper qualities can be used to obtain some finishing technique. 

With this experience behind my back, my piece of advice is: "Start with the special finishing techiques and include the paper supplier from the beginning". It's the best way to become the best results such as "Choose Wisely"."



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